About Candidate

Future, it is what I aim for and promote as a professional, regardless of where or how I am, consciously and even unconsciously I always give my best, more than listing my skills I emptyly invite you to browse my Portfolio project, so that, quickly List what I am capable of.

Work & Experience

Graphic Designer septiembre 27, 2021 - marzo 1, 2022
Vilo technologies inc

Fast Design for main national companys such as SimpleTV and Laser Airlines, social media marketing based on continuous posting flow in different platforms, I accomplish to successfully deliver in a 10 week period an average of 122 individual weekly pieces, and 24 daily pieces. Thanks to what they recognized meas most valued employee.

Multimedia Specialist - febrero 28, 2023

Multitasking, innovative, and creatives visual for social media marketing. Internal agency where they were demanding for me, photo product montage, logo guidelines, instagrams feeds, dynamic videos and animations, logo animations, for external brands clients.



Graphic Designer
Motion Grapher
Multimedia Specialist
Video Editor